Plan to Attend a Writer’s Conference? A Kind Word of Caution

Be A NovelistWriter’s conferences are wonderful places to see and be seen, to get to know and be known.  They can be great fun and highly educational.  One word of caution — there are a few points of etiquette to observe.

Personally, I have had a great deal of experience when it comes to writer’s conferences. I was founder and coordinator for the Professionalism in Writing School, held in Tulsa, for fourteen years. As such, I know what goes on behind the scenes.

I could spout all kinds of advice, counsel, caution and admonitions to  those who plan to attend a writer’s conference.  However, this hilarious (to me it was hilarious) poem tells it SO much better than I ever could.

Enjoy!! But when the laughter dies down; please please take the lesson to heart.

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