What They’re Saying…

Be A Novelist  Bill Donovan, Alaska:
As a first time author I had no clue how to transform my rough manuscript into a salable, well drafted and readable novel.  Then I was introduced to Norma Jean Lutz.  She was spot on in editing and offering valuable suggestions for continuity and to strengthen the storyline.  I followed her advice in every way and now the book is being seriously considered by two publishers and should be in print within a year.  I thank God for this wonderful, talented and gifted lady. She will be forthright and honest in her analysis of your work. She’s a Godsend to have on your team. I cannot thank her enough.

Be A Novelist Judy Keefe, Oklahoma:
Norma Jean Lutz is a writing professional with a heart of gold and always the right words to express encouragement at the same time as she gives direction to others in the craft of writing. I first attended classes she taught at a writer’s conference she founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and then signed up for more at a local university where she taught. Norma Jean knows how to help the learning writer hone both the details that are so important, as well as the big picture that keeps the writing flying high and capturing readers’ hearts and attention.

Be A Novelist John Cunningham, Jr., Alabama
Norma Jean’s wisdom and sound advice has helped me throughout my writing career. Under her guidance I have learned my writing’s strengths, its weaknesses and how to correct those weaknesses. Her knowledge of the craft is vast. She steered me on the right literary course, and I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to realize their dream of becoming a professional writer.

Be A Novelist Alisha Nurse, London, UK
I was so excited when I got it (free “Start Your Novel” workshop) that I went through it right away! It’s awesome! My excitement had me so hyped up like a kid after too many sweets, that I need to go through again and really take it all in 🙂  It’s really helpful – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it, and I plan to purchase one of your workshops this month.

Be A Novelist Crystal Campbell, Oklahoma
Writing can be very personal and having an objective eye can mean all the difference in making a project ordinary to extraordinary.  Norma Jean helped me by giving me a kind yet truthful perspective to my manuscript.  She was able to see what I wasn’t able to and with her critique I was able to find the loose ends of my writing and complete my book.  Not only was she able to see the overall goal for my book but helped me to pull my work together to achieve what I was aiming for in my writing.   Her opinion and insight was extremely helpful and I highly recommend her to other aspiring authors.

Be A NovelistAndre Rose

Thank you so much for sending me your emails. They have been very encouraging. I first came across you on Twitter and I believe you started to follow me – which I believe to be a GOD-send as I seemed to be losing hope to continue with my fictional story. I have only really begun my story, and I really want to continue with the motivation to finish it. I am currently reading through your 15-page writer’s workshop, Don’t Dilly Dally at the starting gate – How to start your novel with a Bang. The title of this workshop has indeed described me. As I continue to read it I’m sure it will give me the kick start I need. As I look through your website and YouTube channel I am starting to feel the motivation to get back to my story. I really appreciate the support and help. Thank you so much Norma Jean for what you have done. GOD BLESS YOU.

Be A Novelist  Margie Day, Oklahoma
Norma Jean has been wonderful with her writing skills. She has ghostwritten two books for me: Women Who Win and the first edition of Your Face: Revealing the Hidden Secrets to Radiant Health.  

While writing Women Who Win she literally moved her heart into mine and wrote as if she was the one who had lived my life.  Her writing truly expressed my heart and emotions.  As I read through it I felt she made the story come right off the pages; it was as if I was living my past all over again.  It was amazing.  

When she ghosted the book Your Face: Revealing the Hidden Secrets to Radiant Health, I had no idea that she knew so much about nutrition.  She gave wonderful advice and knowledge of her own to give the book a unique flair.  
Norma Jean has a gift for getting to know you and the words that you want to share and then put on paper that will draw the reader in.  For that I am grateful.

Margie Day, N.D.

 Be A Novelist