Writers Are My “Tribe”

I know writers.  I know novelists.  They're some of my favorite people. They're my “tribe,” if you will. I understand; I relate; and I empathize. 

It’s time to get honest!  Where are the road blocks that are slowing down or even stopping your novel writing process? It’s time (and probably past time) to find those road blocks, identify them; then get those little demons out of the way! Then no excuses! At this site you will find archives of a wide variety of informational blogs regarding writing and the writing life.

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It’s time to Be A Novelist!

Six-Month, Finish-My-Novel Challenge — Finish Your Novel in 2016

Be A NovelistUnique writer's course designed to help struggling novelist to finish the novel-in-progress.

No other novel writing course out there helps you discover WHAT MAKES YOU STOP!

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Writer’s Conference Comes to YOU!

workshop 1 coverIf you truly have a heart and a passion to write your novel (or novels), make it a priority to invest in yourself and in your craft.

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