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I’m Norma Jean Lutz.  I’m a lifelong career author, workshop instructor, and writing coach.

Through the years I have been privileged to help hundreds of writers and wannabe writers.
Now here at Be A Novelist you can receive support, education, and encouragement with regard to your writing.

I know writers.  I know novelists.  They’re some of my favorite people. They’re my “tribe,” if you will. I understand; I relate; and I empathize.  But I don’t coddle.

It’s time for you to get honest!  What are the road blocks that are slowing down, or even stopping, your novel writing process?  It’s time (and probably past time) to find those road blocks, identify them; then get those little demons out of the way!

Then no excuses! It’s time to Be A Novelist!


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Teaching Tips, Techniques, and Strategies

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