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May Day Alert! Last Chance for Free Copy of Tulsa Tempest

May Day! May Day! 

Notice: Last Chance!

If you missed it previously, this is the last chance to receive your free copy of Tulsa Tempest.  This time the offer extends for 48 hours!

May 1, and May 2, 2013, the first book in the Tulsa series, Tulsa Tempest, (Kindle version) will be available for FREE for 48 hours.

Don’t miss your opportunity to receive a free copy!

Be A Novelist

Be A Novelist 99-cent Writer’s Workshops on Kindle

Do your writer-self a big favor. Invest in your growth as a writer and author. Attend a Writer’s Workshop for only 99 cents!  What a bargain!

These writing tips and techniques are compiled from my 30-+ years of experience in the publishing world (both traditional and online), plus serving as a writing instructor, novel critique consultant, conference speaker, freelance writer, and author. Now you can soak up this knowledge for only 99 cents!

Check out these two Be A Novelist writer’s workshops in my Kindle Store:

#6. Learning to Write in Viewpoint Part I.  One vital decision that must be made early on in the plotting process is to answer the question: Whose story is it? This 9-page Be A Novelist Workshop gives a clear understanding of this important facet of fiction writing.

 #7. Learning to Write in Viewpoint Part II.   Another 9 pages of instruction on viewpoint!  Is there really that much to learn about this subject?  You bet.  And I’ve just scratched the surface!  Both of these Be A Novelist Workshops are essential to excellence in fiction writing.

Have a great day — and keep on writing!!