You Can’t Afford NOT to Have an Editor!

Be A NovelistFrom early on in my writing career I found myself teaching and assisting other writers.  I am by nature an encourager and a teacher.

Soon this innate ability grew into a novel critique consulting service.

Between providing novel critiques, and my teaching at workshops, conferences and on staff with an international correspondence school, I have been privileged to read hundreds, perhaps thousands, of manuscripts.

I know firsthand how rough a rough draft can be.  This is why it’s been my hue and cry – with the advent of independent publishing – that every writer must invest in a professional editor.

I’m thrilled clear down to my toenails that online publishing, and independent publishing, are affording newbie authors of all stripes the opportunity to be published.  However, the one piece of the puzzle that is missing between having a traditional publisher and doing it yourself – is that of a professional editor.

But let me step down off my soapbox a minute and let another address this issue much more clearly that I can.  Check out what fellow editor/reader, Richard White says in this blog.  My favorite line in the blog is this: “You can’t afford not to have an editor.” (Emphasis mine.)

I SO agree.  Check it out.Be A Novelist


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