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Time Out for Development of “Clean Teen Reads”

This blog site has gone a-begging since last fall. To all my faithful Be A Novelist followers, I apologize.

It was at that time that I totally immersed myself in the development of my new site — and my new brand — Clean Teen Reads.  The logo was developed as well as the banner for the website. Then the website was developed, followed by creating a series of blogs.

Visitors can sign up to receive interesting, newsy items for and about teens. Plus notices about my upcoming novels and inside information regarding each title.

At the same time as all of the above, the FaceBook fan page was developed.

Several new videos were stirred into the mix! See one example below.

If you’re a teen, parent of a teen, related to a teen, know a teen, or work with teens, please share the good news of Clean Teen Reads.

Thanks for pardoning my long absence.  But hopefully you will understand!

Meanwhile, Keep on Writing!

Norma Jean

Clean Teen Reads

PS: The first title in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection, Flower in the Hills, is a FREE download – don’t wait, get it here!

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