Writer’s Block? Writing Anxiety? Which? Part I

Scared Spitless

It’s amazing that so many writers are willing – and even quick – to admit they are faced with what they call writer’s block. However, few will face up to the fact that they are struggling with writing anxiety. In other words, they’re flat out scared spitless. (To borrow an Okie phrase.)

I’ve been in the writing and publishing industry for a very long time.  (An embarrassingly long time actually.) I’ve put on writer conferences, I’ve taught workshops, I’ve been a conference speaker, I’ve been a novel critique consultant, I started a local writer’s club, and have hung out with writers one-on-one through it all. I know writers.

I’ve seen the ones who had all that was needed to be a published author, but they never pushed through to realize the dream. Early on, I had difficulty understanding this paradox. I knew that many such newbies possessed greater talent than my own. And yet, they were stymied; high-centered; hung up; stuck.

Be A NovelistTechniques Takes You Only So Far

Learning writing techniques is great and is definitely needed.  However, technique will take a writer only so far and no further.  As mentioned, even the most talented writer can stall out and go nowhere.

Perhaps you’ve heard this myth: you’ve been told that your writer’s block is simply due to faulty technique. This admonition suggests that if you take one more course; purchase one more writing how-to book; attend one more writer conference, then everything will be hunky-dory and you’ll be on your way to a completed novel.

And so you do. Another book; another seminar; another conference; another course… And yet the block appears to be still lodged firmly in place. All the technique in the world will not move it. What’s the problem? Isn’t learning to write well all that is needed?  Check out my next blog post to learn the real answer!

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