No One’s Reading These Days

Looking for an Excuse?

Hey there fellow writer/author/novelist!  If you’re casting about to latch onto an excuse to abandon your book-in-progress (whether it’s stored in a box somewhere, buried in an old computer file, or still in your heart and head), this excuse is as good as any other:

No one’s reading these days! 

If no one’s reading, then why write?  Hm?     Okay. Sure. Whatever.

Reading or Not Reading?

A few years ago, I remember sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room and nearly every person in the room was talking on his or her cell phone.

BBC News on I-phoneIf that scene were to be repeated today, what would those people in that waiting room be doing?  Their phone (hand-held device) is not held to the ear.  Instead, every person is looking at it.  Something that would have seemed pretty strange only a decade ago.

So what are people doing by looking at their hand-held devices?  I think you will have to agree – they are reading.  Omigosh.  People are reading. 

Oh, but everyone is saying that no one is reading. Now granted there are plenty of videos, games and such on these hand-held devices, but one still has to admit – people are reading. Possibly more so than ever before.

Different Manner of Reading

Is the majority of the buying public walking into a bookstore these days and pulling a $25 book off the shelf and making that purchase?  Not so much. (Personally, I buy lots of used books from Amazon!  Don’t you??)

The fact remains: people are still reading.  They may be reading in a different manner.  They may be reading using different tools (hand-held devices and e-readers), but people are still reading.  (She said again with emphasis!)

Not only that, these readers are eagerly scooping up two or three novels for a few e-readerbucks from Kindle and reading them while waiting in the doctor’s office, or on a long plane flight, or on vacation at the beach.  Or scores of other places too numerous to mention.

Sorry if I spoiled your favorite excuse. I trust you’ll get over it.

Be A NovelistSolzhenitsyn wasn’t Looking for Excuses

And while we’re on the subject of dousing excuses — if you really want to learn about a novelist who was convinced (for an entire lifetime) that external circumstances cannot, in any way, dampen the drive of a true, dedicated novelist – click here to read about the life of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. 

How Important Is It?

The point is this: those who are looking for excuses to jump ship will always find them.  Those determined to bring the ship all the way home to the harbor will find a way to do so.

How important is it to you that you finish your book?

Nuf sed!

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