My Love Affair with my Local Library – And Their Contests

Be A Novelist          For many years I have had an ongoing love affair with the Tulsa City-County Library system. Although I no longer live in Tulsa proper, I am still in the county and therefore still enjoy all the perks.

In the pre-Internet days I spent long long hours in the downtown location researching for my historical novels. And also for the many biographies that I authored for Chelsea House Publishing. Not only did I do the research there, I spent additional hours at the copy machines since Chelsea House required documentation of every reference used in their books, and I had no copy machine of my own at the time. The beautiful downtown library became like a second home. (I also loved the underground protected parking!)

Fast forward to 2014 — I get everything I need online. I search the library files from the comfort of my office; request what I need and am then able to pick up the materials at the local branch which is only a few minutes from my home.

But one of the perks that makes me most proud of our library system is their writing contest that is held in January every year. They offer four categories and the rules are quite simple.  More info here.

On the wall of my office I proudly display three certificates celebrating my wins in three different years of this contest. I am a believer in legitimate contests for writers. As a confidence booster, it has few equals. (Second only to being published I would guess. My opinion of course.) Hurray for entities who give writers a helping hand! (I have additional certificates on my wall from wins in yet other writing contests from years gone by. I used to enter all I could find!)Be A Novelist

I’m such a strong believer in contests for aspiring authors that I created this short video on YouTube to emphasize my point.

Does your local library help emerging authors in this way? If not, you may be the one to get the ball rolling!

It’s January and once again the contest is in full swing at the Tulsa City-County Library.

And once again, I feel a strong sense of pride in my local library!

Be A Novelist

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