How Do You Judge Self-Publishing Success?

How Do You Judge Self-Publishing Success?

I love this question. I love it for many reasons. At the top of  that list of reasons would be simply this:

We get to ask this question — because now we have a choice. I came up through the ranks of my author-hood (Is there such a word? If not, there should be) when the measure of success boiled down to – can I get a publisher to look at my manuscript? Can I get a publisher to buy my manuscript?

Now that that weak criteria has been removed, we are allowed to take a deeper look inward and search out what writing success means to us. And furthermore, what self-publishing success means to us. Because essentially, they are one in the same.

Check out these comments to hear what other indie authors are saying.

Out of all these quotes, this is my favorite. This comes from author, Carol Cram:

I used to think that being successful meant getting a publisher. As soon as I realized that true success was writing a book I could be truly proud of and then putting it out to the world so people could read and enjoy it, all the pieces of the publishing puzzle just fell into place.

This makes me want to jump up and down and turn double-back flips. Yes, Carol. Yes!  You now have the freedom to seek out your own Be A Novelistdefinition of your own writing success. And self-publishing (independent publishing) made that possible for you.

This excites me to no end. (Can you tell I’m excited?)

Here – read all these comments!  And hopefully – no matter if you are a novice or a veteran author, you will get excited right along with me!

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