Writer’s Block? Yea? Or Nay?

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How does the term writer’s block affect you? Personally, I’ve never liked the term and yet I hear it (and have heard it) constantly and consistently throughout my writing career. You’ll see “how to” articles specifically targeted to the problem: “How to Push Through Writer’s Block.” “10 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block.” “Writer’s Block? 5 Tricks that Work.” And on and on the list goes.

Well, sorry. I have no list of ways to overcome this so-called malady that seems to strike writers/authors. Because I do not relate. While I’ll admit I’ve been stumped with the intricacies of a plot situation, I can honestly say, I’ve never had what many writers refer to as writer’s block.

Quite the Opposite

For me, it’s been quite the opposite.  I always have so much I want to write and so little time to write it. I struggle with getting situations and circumstances cleared from my path so I can speed on down the pike writing to my heart’s content. I don’t refer to that as writer’s block. It’s just life getting in the way of my finishing a novel.

If, as stated above, I’m stymied in a plot, I just shift gears for a while. I can move from the activity of actual writing of the novel over to writing a sketch of one of my characters. Or I’ll pull out my outlining notebook and outline a future chapter. Or I’ll do further research for the setting, or some other aspect of the writing that needs outside information. Inevitably, the plot problem will resolve itself, and on I go.

What do you think (or feel) about what is called writer’s block?  Has it hampered your writing? And if so, in what way? And what steps do you take to alleviate the problem? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block? Yea? Or Nay?

  1. Erica Bennett

    I experience what I’ve heard some other people call “writer’s log-jam,” where there are too many ideas that try to crowd their way out of my head and onto the paper. For me, that creates a block that I can sometimes feel inside my head, almost like there is a brick wall behind my eyes. Sometimes plowing through the wall is the only way I get my words out for the day; other times I have to walk away or take a nap and come back to the piece later.


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