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Instruction, Guidance, and EncouragementBe A Novelist

For more than three decades, both novice and veteran writers have benefited from instruction, guidance, and encouragement from Norma Jean. Now you can too.

Each Be A Novelist Workshop is an in-depth study of a wide variety of writing techniques and strategies. In each workshop you’ll receive a whole boatload of value for a small price.

Lighting the Spark

Any one of these workshops could be the element to light the spark in your writing that you’ve sorely needed. If it’s your goal to write a novel that keeps readers up till the wee hours (“I just couldn’t put it down”), the answer may be right here.

15 Workshops in The Series

This series is made up of 15 workshops — each on a different facet of writing, such as taglines, writing in point of view, the importance of conflict in fiction, and even one on the benefits of the writer’s journal. Pick and choose — they’re all chock full of actionable steps that you can apply to your writing TODAY! Click on the icon below to check out all 15.

Content Source

Content for the Be A Novelist Workshops comes from decades of

  • Working one-on-one with writing students.
  • Teaching both in local workshops and at writer conferences all across the country.
  • Serving for nine years as a writing instructor for an international correspondence school.
  • And of course – from Norma Jean’s own personal writing experience throughout her life-long writing career. (More than 50 published books.)

Invest in YOUR Craft

If you truly have a heart and a passion to write your novel (or a non-fiction work), then it’s imperative that invest in yourself and in your craft.

If you’re not willing to invest time, effort and money in enhancing your writing skills, you may have to ask yourself, “How serious am I?”

You are worth the investment.

Your craft is worth the investment.

Your writing future is worth the investment.

The Be A Novelist Writer’s Workshops can be found at

the Norma Jean Lutz Kindle Store.  

Be A Novelist

Be A Novelist