Where’s Your Novel? Lost? Buried? In Your Head?

Be A NovelistWhere’s your novel?

I love to ask this question.  I ask veteran and neophyte novelists alike.

“Where’s your novel?”

“Norma Jean, are you daring to suggest that I’ve lost my novel?”

“Well, yeah. Kinda. Sorta.”

You see, I know a lot about writers.

I’m not trying to stereotype, but let’s face it – we novelists do have a lot of similaritBe A Novelisties; we have a lot in common!

Not only have I hung out with writers most of my adult life, but I IS one!

But let’s get back to the original question!  Where is your novel?

  • Is it deep in the bowels of your computer? (In a file that hasn’t been opened in months? Or years? Ouch!)
  • Is it in a box on the top shelf of the hall closet? (Or is that box under the bed with all the little dust bunnies?)
  • Is it in a 3-ring loose-leaf notebook – a neat notebook designed to allow you to more easily plot?  (That is, when you DO plot.)
  • Or perhaps your novel is all completed and is on its way to a potential publisher; or a potential agent.
  • Or perhaps your novel is still in your heart and in your head.  It’s still a dream in route to becoming reality.

I’m not here to condemn or to hand you a guilt trip.  (I’m one of the tribe, remember!)  I’m here to encourage you. To root for you. To cheer you on!

So here I am – Norma Jean the “novelist’s conscience.”  (Jiminy Cricket’s got nothin’ on me!)

Stick around Be a Novelist, and we’ll find answers to the novelist’s dilemmas (your dilemmas) together.

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