When You Wish Upon a Star!

Empty thoughtsWhatever happened to your dreams of becoming a novelist?

The beautiful Disney song (remember –from Pinocchio?) told us (promised us) when we were children that if we wished upon a star our dreams would come true.  But then life happens.

So what happened to your dreams of becoming a novelist?

  •  Did they fall by the wayside when life got ever more busy and hectic?
  •  Did well-meaning family and friends convince you that novel writing just isn’t worth it?  After all, novel writing is highly speculative!  “You can make more money doing practical things, like 9-to-5 in a corporation position,” they say. (Or some such similar remarks.)
  • Did your novel-writing dreams get trampled underfoot by discouragement and disappointment?
  • OR did your own inner doubts and fears do their sufficient work of dousing out the flaming embers?

I know all of those nagging questions that you hear on the inside your head:

  • How do I know if I’m really a writer?
  • How do I know if I’m even good enough?
  • Who would ever want to read something that I’ve written?
  • Is it even worth it to spend so much time on something with absolutely no promise of any return?

Did I miss one?  Well, you can fill in the blanks.

Strange Life

Face it.  A novelist’s life is just — well, it’s just downright strange.  Sort of like the inventor in the basement.  It’s rather lonely.Be A Novelist

How can you keep on believing in what seems more and more like a pipe dream?

The first step, my writer friend, is to learn all you can about YOU.  You’ve got to know what motivates you, what slows you down, what stops you, what excites you, what discourages you.  And on and on ad infinitum.

In my teaching, instructing, consulting, this is what I love to do – give my fellow novelists a boost over the hump.  To be a guide through the minefields.  Because it is pretty scary out there.

Facing Fears

I can remember back in my early days of writing (yes, I can still remember that far back), when I would go to the mailbox to mail a manuscript.  Way before I ever sent one by email – but that’s another story!  I was so scared I would literally get all queasy in the stomach, cotton-mouth, with sweaty palms and the whole deal.  It was awful.  Sheesh!  Such gripping fear.

The good part of the story is that I never let that awful fear stop me and soon I was selling hundreds of magazine articles!  Whee!  I won!

StarAnd you can too!  Check the night sky.  You may find yet another star to wish upon!  Let your first wish be:

“I wish to know what is inside of me that is putting the brakes on my novel writing?”

Then go on from there!


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