What is Your Favorite Way to Study Your Craft?

Study Your Craft 
There are so many ways to hone your novel-writing skills. How do you personally study and learn about novel writing?  What is your favorite way?
Be A Novelist
  • Do you have shelves of how-to books in your private library?
  • Do you find sites online? (Like Be A Novelist?)
  • Do you read tomes of your favorite genre novels?
  • Do you take a novel apart and analyze it?

Whatever method you choose, my strongest admonition is to — without fail — study your craft!  It’s imperative that you seek out whatever way works best for you.  (Everyone learns differently.)

Respect Your Readers

Determine to never let it be said of you that you just slapped a story together without learning the finer points of fiction writing.  If you choose that route, you will do your readers no favors.  (Check out this perspective about your readers.)

The more intense your desire to hone your skills and learn your craft, the more respect you show toward your readers. And after all that IS who you are writing for, right?  I mean, it’s not all about you. You, as author, are merely the messenger.  The vehicle. The channel.  (Whatever metaphor you may choose!)

Bottom line, that’s what Be A Novelist is all about.  Providing not only a place for support and encouragement, but also a brimming-full reservoir of educational resources and materials.

Be sure to let me know how this program can be improved to help you further.

Have you made a decision to get that unfinished novel out of the mothballs? Are you resolved that this is the year that it WILL be completed? Here’s your helping hand. Your motivator. Your encourager. Your cheerleader. Your coach!

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