Return To Tulsa — Tulsa Series Book #4 Setting Moves Away from Tulsa

The fourth book in the Tulsa Series, entitled Return to Tulsa, moves the settings away Be A Novelistfrom the Oil Capital city of Tulsa. The book opens in Bartlesville, Oklahoma (Frank Phillips hometown — that’s an early photo of his home on the right), then moves to New York City where the era of prohibition is just getting up a head of steam.

Return to Tulsa sees characters from book #2 (Tulsa Turning), Erik and Clarette Torsten, returning to center stage. When their small town (Bartlesville, OK) newspaper is flooded out, the couple returns to Clarette’s roots in New York. Here Erik can experience the excitement of scooping stories for a big city newspaper, and Clarette can follow her dream to see the play she’s written performed on Broadway.

Prohibition Agent, Izzy Einstein

Be A NovelistProhibition was famous for producing a bumper crop of powerful gangsters and lawbreakers, which gives Erik no end of stories to sniff out. The prohibition agent featured in the book, Izzy (Isadore) Einstein, really lived and was famous for never being bought off in the entire five years of his career. Using ingenious disguises Izzy, along with his sidekick Moe Smith, closed down more speakeasies than any other agents.

Izzy and Moe – Too Honest

The other agents resented Izzy’s honest ways. Actually the entire Prohibition Department resented his honest ways. Eventually, they had to let him and his partner go. The two buddies made the entire system look bad. I guess that’s because it WAS bad! Totally corrupt!

Reviews for Return to Tulsa

When Return to Tulsa was first published in 1997, favorable reviews were plentiful. The Romance Studio describes the book thus:

Return to Tulsa is about how a devoted couple progress in their married and professional life and move from Bartlesville to New York and then, finally, to Tulsa. Ms. Lutz has consistently shown this 1920s couple extremely involved with each other. Their love and participation in life is shared completely. The author developed the challenge of keeping a loving relationship solid while struggling to keep up the fast pace of life in New York… The author is amazing in her grasp of the subject matter and her flow of the series is extraordinary!

Readers who follow the Tulsa Series will be eager to learn that Return to Tulsa, the fourth book, is now available for most e-readers.


Be A NovelistRe-release of the fourth book in my Tulsa Series (Return to Tulsa) originally published by Barbour Publishing in 1995, now available on Kindle and Nook.  Return to Tulsa is historical fiction set against the backdrop of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot. Check it out HERE.


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