Ode to the Typographical Error

Ah remember the days when a typo caused genuine, deep-felt embarrassment, remorse, and shame?  Now they are legion throughout the Internet. Still and yet, if you consider yourself to be a writer — in any interpretation of the term — please care enough to proof your writing. Let a typo truly BE a typo. (As opposed to “I couldn’t care less…”)

As we are all well aware, the problems these days isn’t only typos, but glaring grammatical errors. But we won’t go there. That’s another post. For now, enjoy this fun poem!

Be A Novelist

The typographical error

Is a slippery thing and sly.

You can hunt till you are dizzy,

But somehow it will get by,

Till the forms are off the presses,

It is strange how still it keeps.

It shrinks down into a corner

And never stirs or peeps.

That typographical error,

Too small for human eyes!

Till the ink is on the paper

Then it grows to mountain-size.

The boss (editor) stares in horror,

Then he grabs his hair and groans.

The copy reader drops his head

Upon his hands and moans.

The remainder of the issues

May be clean as clean can be,

But that typographical error

Is the only thing you see!

Be A Novelist

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