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Have you ever traced down your writing roots?  Personally, I find it fascinating to journey back in time to discover the roots of my passion for writing. I can point out several lines of demarcation along the way, but the one that most intrigues me is how I had imaginary friends at a very young age.

My two imaginary friends came to play with me because my older sister had gone off to first grade and left me behind. When she walked out the door of our grandma’s farmhouse where we lived, to walk up the hill to the one-room schoolhouse, my two new friends, Mody and Pody (long O sound) came in.

Rocky Relationship

My older sister and I experienced an ongoing rocky relationship as adults. Because of her often caustic and toxic personality traits, I found my existence more calm and healthy when I remained far from her presence. This meant we spent very little time together. (She passed away ten years ago.)

However – and this leads to my point – during one of the more quiet times in our relationship (she was at the time a grandmother which gives an idea of our ages), right out of the blue she asked me if I remembered my two imaginary friends.

I was more than a little stunned. It was enough that Mody and Pody were tucked snugly away in my own private memory bank, but to then realize that I had talked about them to my two-year-older sister – and that she also remembered – provided for yet another writing roots signpost.

I assured her that I did indeed remember my imaginary friends. Then she asked if I Be A Novelistremembered their names.  Again I said that I did remember their names.  Then we both in unison said: “Mody and Pody.”  And we laughed.

My sister began first grade at the age of five, turning six in October. That means I would have been less than three-years-old when I created my first set of fictional characters. Now that intrigues me.

My sister’s recollection and her reiteration of the fact, brought the memory back to me all fresh and new, and served to confirm my writing roots to me.

God Directs Our Steps

I’m a firm believer that God directs our steps and that He designs us for a purpose. I’m ever so thankful that I found my purpose early on.  I’m thankful that every day I get to do what I love. And that is write!  It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. It’s in my DNA. It’s my roots.

A special thanks to Mody and Pody who stand as proof to substantiate the fact!  smile!

Be A Novelist

Be A Novelist

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