More Insights on Does Grammar Matter…

Be A NovelistA few months ago in a two-part blog, I shared a few of my thoughts on the importance of good grammar when writing your novel. (Or writing anything else for that matter — such as your blogs, emails, ad copy, and yes, even your Tweets.) Check out those blogs here.   And here.

Recently I came across a CopyBlogger blog which pinpoints a few of the worst and most embarrassing gaffes.

The sad part of the whole grammar issue is that many would-be authors are not all that Be A Novelistembarrassed, because they’re clueless as to what is and is not correct. It’s rather like having spinach in your teeth after a salad lunch.  You cannot correct what you cannot see.

This colorful blog — full of clever graphics — will be an immense help!  Read and heed! You might want to bookmark the page!


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  1. Felipe

    I Love the cat! This may be a bit of a silly/stupid question, but is he/she yours? So CUTE!After radeing your profile, I have decided that I want to be like you one day. As a college student pursuing a degree in English (And double majoring in journalism-AHH! xD) I can find that I relate to a lot of your posts, as they sometimes reflect on aspects on my own life or highlight my future aspirations Or in other words I LOVE your blog! =D You just got yourself another subscriber! =)


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