Lesson of the Apple Seed

Bankrupt of Ideas

          In the earliest days of my writing, I saw myself as bankrupt in the area of ideas.  I felt I lived such a mundane life that there was really nothing much I could write about.  Additionally, as I read other books, stories and articles, it seemed all the good ideas had been taken.

Looking back now I realize – with the wisdom of hindsight – that these thoughts and concerns were based on my low self esteem and lack of self confidence.

A Nugget of Truth

I think it’s so neat how God put these doubts forever to rest.  It wasn’t because He flooded my mind with a bazillion ideas.  That would have been too overwhelming.  Instead He gave me a little nugget of truth that set me free.

Apple SeedIt came in the form of a daily devotion – a little devotion booklet that I read every morning.  The devotion for the day, January 9, 1980, stated:

A few people know how many seeds are in an apple, but only God knows how many apples are in each seed.” 

          This particular message was talking about the fact that within each one of us lies unlimited potential for good.  However, that’s not what the message said to this trembling, fearful, budding writer!  Not at all!

God’s Specific Message

To me it was God speaking specifically of the unlimited store of ideas that lay dormant within ME!  Little ole me. It was one of those Eureka! moments that live forever in your mind and heart.

I tore out the page, glued a real apple seed to the page and placed it at the front of my idea notebook.

At the bottom of the page I penned these words:

God alone knows how many stories and articles lie resident within me, waiting to be born.

Connected to the Creator

Today, I look back over a lifetime of producing hundreds of articles, short stores and more than fifty published books and I marvel.  How could I have ever thought I had a shortage of good ideas?  I am connected with the Creator God of the universe who still has not used up all His ideas for another unique snowflake – or for another unique human being.

My thoughts of being idea-bankrupt were abolished in a moment of time.  TBe A Novelisthe exact same thing is true for you.  You have a reservoir within you that is brimming over with good – and even great – novel and plot ideas.  And God knows each and every one of them.  Because He authored them first!

What an exciting and freeing thought!


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