If Only I Knew Where Only Belongs. If I Only Knew…?

Be A NovelistWriter is Clueless

For being such a small, seemingly-insignificant, four-letter, word, only is known for giving writers fits.  Sometimes this little modifier gives a writer fits, but the writer is clueless. As a result the writing is ambiguous and unclear, and the writer never quite knows why.

Writing, it has been said, is clear thinking on paper.  Clarity is key, because whatever can be misunderstood will be misunderstood.

The Rule

The rule to apply to make a renegade only come into line is this:Be A Novelist

Place modifiers as close as possible to the words they are intended to modify.

Therefore, in the title of this blog, the second placement of only is correct. The first choice – If only I knew… — denotes that I would be the only person who know where only belongs.

Wily Only

Let’s take a statement and let this crazy little four-letter word show just how wily he can be:

  •           Only Charles wept for the loss of his pet dog.
  •           Charles only wept for the loss of his pet dog.
  •           Charles wept only for the loss of his pet dog.
  •           Charles wept for the loss of his only pet dog.
  •           Charles wept for the loss of his pet dog only.

Each sentence give a different meaning, some almost imperceptibly, others more clearly.

Why Bother?

I’m sure some who read this will say “So what? Isn’t this just a lot of nitpicking? Is it really worth all the bother?”

It’s worth the bother only if you are a lover of clear writing – and if you are concerned with accuracy, and if you have little patience with muddled sentences and ambiguity.

Be A NovelistRespect for Your Reader

Causing confusion for your reader can be interpreted as your lack of concern for the reader.  If the reader feels you care little about him or her; why should that reader feel compelled to trust you as author? Respect for reader should be uppermost in the mind of all professional authors/novelists/writers.  (More about respect for reader HERE.)

The slippery little only is one of many such problem areas that demand the attention of the writer who is sold out to perfecting the craft of writing. Are you that sold-out writer? Then…

Only pay attention if you fit that description.Be A Novelist

Pay attention only if you fit that description.

Pay attention if you only fit that description.

Pay attention if you fit only that description.

Okay, okay! You get the picture!

Strive to be the best writer you can be! You’ll never be sorry.


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