How Did Your Plot(S) Evolve?

Fascinating Plot Process

I love the way writers share about how their plots and stories are birthed, and then how they evolve.

Where did your plot come from? Be A Novelist

  •  An overheard conversation?
  • A picture or painting you saw?
  • An incident that happened to you?
  • An incident that happened to someone else?
  • A person that fascinated you?
  • A place that fascinated you?
  • An event in history?

Stories in the Air 

Every day, everywhere, stories swirl through the air.  They float around in the very atmosphere we breathe. At work, at the grocery store, at the hairdresser, at the neighbor’s house, in the newspaper, in an email, in a FaceBook post.  There they are.  Not only stories, but characters as well.

I talk to people every day – each one has such a fascinating story.  And silly me, I’d love to write all of them.  I guess that’s why I love this quote.

Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any. – Orson Scott Card

If you are an aspiring novelist, take special care that this last phrase doesn’t apply to you. (Ouch!)

Listen; Observe; Contemplate

Listen to the stories; observe the stories; contemplate the stories. Somewhere in there is a bestseller waiting to be born.

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