Hey, Indie Authors — More ISBN Flak

Ongoing — Never Ending

The ongoing discussion about ISBN numbers for independent authors and novelists seems to be just that – ongoing. (Read that never ending.)

About a year ago or so I wrote a blog post entitled: Attn: Indie Authors — “What’s the Big Deal About ISBN Numbers?” In it I cited an article wherein an indie author took a long, hard look at the pros and cons of buying, and thereby owning, one’s own ISBN numbers. In the article was this quote:

“I would no more omit my ISBN from a book I’ve written than I would take away my name,” asserts indie author and publisher Karen Myers.

More Pros and Cons

More recently I came across yet another article which carried on with the pros and cons. You can read that article here.

As I read through the article, I have to admit that regarding various points, I could have agreed with either (or both) sides. The arguments appear to be sound.

For the Grandkids…

Having said that, I will still state that I would much rather err on the side of spending the money for my own ISBN numbers. To me it means that no matter what happens in the whole conflab, years from now when my grandchildren are grown, all my books will still be in my name, my own publishing name, and complete with my own ISBN numbers.

I think they’ll be glad I did.

What’s your take on the ISBN discussion? Do you buy your own? Are you still on the fence? Leave your comments below.

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