Glowing 5- Star Review for YA Novel — Rockin’ into Romance!

Be A Novelist   Agatha Miller

Love is music, and music is what rocks our world – I simply fell in love with this teen-romance as it is timeless and sweet and made me turn back in time and revert to my high-school memories, something I haven’t done in a while. School, love, friendship and passion for music is what governs this story. I found it very interesting how Norma Jean Lutz managed to create the whole plot around music. Ari, the main female character of this romance, is the timeless role model for teenagers : she loves music, she is serious about her school, she hangs out with her friends. she has fun and she falls in love. Reid, the main male character is, on the other hand the “Justin Beiber” of the 90’s, good looking, famous at only 16 years old, wanted by many girls, except Ari. When Ari and Reid meet and are forced to spend time together – spark will arise. A great teen romance for readers of any age.



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