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Clash of Cultures

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Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Handel – Arianna Stefanoff is familiar with the works of all these and more. Growing up in a musical family, she has an intimate knowledge of classical composers and compositions. On the other hand, her knowledge of the latest rock stars and their current hits borders on zilch.

 Being steeped in classical music blended well while the Stefanoffs lived in the culturally-heavy city of Boston. But once her symphony-conductor father accepted the conductor position for the St. Louis Symphony, Arianna is suddenly catapulted out of her comfort zone.

 Her new set of friends have scant appreciation for her flavor of music. She doesn’t think much of theirs either. Then her friend, Kara, persuades her to enter a contest – a contest in which the winner is treated to a weekend date in New York City with rock star, Reid Lavelle.

 Explosions ensue when, against all the odds, Arianna wins. The girls at her school are not only jealous but furious knowing she’s not even a fan of Reid’s. Reid’s ego is mangled when he learns his date knows nothing about his music. All signs point to disaster.

 Is Arianna destined to be ostracized forever just because of a dumb contest? And could it possibly be that her own narrow-mindedness regarding Reid is aiding in her misery?  


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