English Language Got You Out on a Bow? I Mean Bough? How About Limb?

How can it be?  How can such a small set of letters become SO confusing?  The combination of ough will play tricks on even the most astute of writers. This little sneak will keep you on your toes for sure.

Here’s a good reminder:

  •   Cough rhymes with off
  •   Bough rhymes with ow
  •   Though rhymes with oh
  •   Thought rhymes with aw
  •   Through rhymes with ooo (as in you)
  •   Tough rhymes with uff

How can one set of letters have so many different pronunciations?  It just does, that’s all! A novelist’s only defense is to study, learn, and remain ever diligent!

And spend money for a top-notch editor, of course! You may have seen my previous blog on professional edits. If not see it here.

(Oh and did I mention I’m a professional editor and novel critique consultant? Shame on me! Email me for details! normajean@beanovelist.com)

Be A NovelistAnd with that I’ll take my bough and exit stage left! (smile)


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