Droughts and Refreshing Rain

Gentle Spring Rain

As I write this blog post a gentle spring rain falls outside my office window. Following a Be A Novelistfew seasons of intense drought throughout the Midwest, it has created within me such a renewed gratefulness for gentle rains.

For almost two years in our area we’ve hardly seen two consecutive days of rain, let alone several days. If and when a rain came, it blew in and blew right back out. (I much prefer vertical rain to horizontal rain any day.)

With all due respect to Rogers and Hammerstein, and their wonderful song Oklahoma, the line When the wind comes right behind the rain, is not quite accurate. The wind comes in the rain, through the rain, before the rain, and then right behind the rain! Wind is just part of living in this OK state. That’s why a gentle, soaking rain is SO appreciated.

Rain is Rain

One can water the garden, the lawn, and the flowers day after day, but rain is rain is rain. Simply no substitute exists anywhere. God knew what He was doing when He designed rain.

It’s cyclical, the seasons are. Even in the worst of the horrible drought, we knew rain would eventually come again. And this spring we’ve seen rain return to the dry and thirsty land. Ponds are slowly refilling; dry creek beds are flowing once again.

Seasons for Me

I like to remind myself of that fact in my own creative life. Everything is seasonal; Be A Novelisteverything is cyclical. When I’m moving forward in the heated flush of creative writing, it’s like I’ll never again suffer a dry time. When I’m in the midst of a dry time, it’s like I’ll never see the abundance of word-production again.

A myriad of reasons create those dry times. Sometimes it’s due to outside distractions. Other times it’s due to the demands of freelancing for clients. Or a million other reasons. (My fellow novelists need no explanation, right?)

Looking out my office window at the gentle – vertical – rain this morning, I again remind myself that abundant novel-creating days are mine. Perhaps not today, but they are mine!  That awareness — that knowledge — keeps me moving forward!

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3 thoughts on “Droughts and Refreshing Rain

  1. Rebecca

    Thank you for the lovely sentiment this morning! I lived in CA and AZ for a majority of my life. Therefore, rain has always been a special treat. In AZ when it rains, everyone rushes outside and stands there with their noses in the air. One must go through a drought to truly appreciate the rain, literally or figuratively.

  2. liz blackmore

    We haven’t hit the rain season yet, Norma, as a matter of fact, it is going to continue snowing until Sunday, sigh! But I look forward to watching the rivets of water tracing out a pattern of their own design on the window. Thank you for sharing and happy writing!


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