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Be A Novelist In my previous blog I talked about online marketing. It is absolutely imperative, if you want to sell books and if you want to create a web presence, you must, MUST, MUST be marketing. You will need to build your own online presence and create your own brand.

One of the best ways to begin building a web presence is by blogging. This is exactly how I started. It’s certainly not difficult. We are writers, are we not? So writing an occasional blog should not be a difficult assignment.

I just read a great post that lays out very clearly a few pointers when it comes to creating and maintaining a blog site.  Read about it here.   I have to say, I agree with every point made in this post.  All authors would do well to take heed.

As is pointed out here, it’s crucial to get on the first page of the search engines. I am pleased to say that with either my own author name, or the Be A Novelist moniker, the first page rating has been attained.  This is how to build your own personal brand. Book sales stem from personal contact, and personal contact stems from being accessible. You have to be found!

The Internet can be a big, scary place and at times we can feel almost swallowed up.  If you stop to think about it; however, it’s really no different than walking into a massive bookstore and realizing what your competition looks like in there.  But keep in mind, you are not competing with every other author/novelist in the world. You only need to make a big splash in your particular niche.  Learn and know your audience and go after them.  Make your presence known. It’s the only way to become a visible author/novelist in cyber-land. Only then will your books get into the hands of readers. And after all, isn’t that what this is all about?

You can do this!!

Be A Novelist



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Be A Novelist


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