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Be A NovelistHello and welcome to the blog “Be A Novelist.”  If you are writing a novel, dreaming of writing a novel, have finished a novel, or anywhere in between, this is your home.  I’m so glad you’ve stopped by.  Here’s a little bit about me!!

Always Wanted to Write

I cannot remember a time when I did not long to write and become an author. I have to write like I have to breathe. It is almost second nature to me. I’ve been writing professionally for over 30 years now and have more than 50 published books to my name.

My very first published work occurred when I was in the seventh grade!  I had a small story published in the “big city” newspaper that was near the small town where I grew up.  At that moment I was smitten.  I now had printer’s ink in my veins!  However, it took many many years before I could actually think of myself as a published author.  It’s been a long journey.

My writing first began in shorter works and therefore I have had hundreds of my magazine articles (and not a few short stories) published throughout the years.


Additionally, I have ghosted books for dozens of clients, all of whom raved about the results. I enjoyed helping them fulfill their dreams of getting their stories told. As a professional ghostwriter, I’ve worked with clients of all ages, backgrounds and temperaments. I’ve created books from taped interviews, half-completed manuscripts, one-on-one interviews, and even shoeboxes full of notes!


I quickly discovered that second to writing I enjoyed teaching.  Early on, I offered courses at the Oral Roberts University Continuing Education department.  Soon I was speaking at writers conferences all across the nation.  What fun!  Traveling and meeting wonderful people.

For nine years I served as an instructor for an international correspondence writing school. (I had graduated from the same school several years earlier.) During that tenure I carried the greatest student load allowed by the school. The years I taught for this school accounted for some of my greatest growth as a writer.  The knowledge I gained from interacting with my students was immeasurable.  At times I felt like I had hundreds of “pen pals” rather than students.  They lived in nearly every state in the union – and a few overseas – and came from highly diverse backgrounds.  And they thought they were the ones who were learning!

NUWS Link, Inc.

Along the way I began my “writing business” which I call Notations un-Limited Writing Services, (NUWS Link, Inc.).  Through this business I offer a critique service, ghostwriting, business writing, proofreading and editing.  As with all aspiring authors, we are always looking for ways to earn a living in order to keep on writing what we love.  I’m no different!

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Please come back often!


9 thoughts on “About Norma Jean…

    1. Norma Jean Lutz

      Hello fellow female author! How good of you to stop by. I write for kids — teens mostly. Or young adults (YA) as it is now called. I hang out with teens a great deal. I’m a youth sponsor at my church. I love them; love their enthusiasm; love their candidness.

      I also have a deep passion for guiding and supporting up-and-coming authors. That’s who this blog is dedicated to.

      You grew up in Ark, I grew up in Kansas. Practically neighbors! However, unlike you, I seemed to have been locked up in the Midwest, now living near Tulsa. (Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains — quite literally!)

      Thanks again for connecting.
      I look forward to reading your blogs!
      Norma Jean


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